Businesses of all shapes and sizes represent online. Everyone from local restaurants to national retail chains has a presence on social media. It creates crucial questions for businesses; how does a company keep its profiles up-to-date across all platforms? Also, what are the benefits of having an updated business profile?

Refreshing your business profile across platforms is one of the best ways to make people see it and get new leads. Also, many decision-makers make a buying decision within one day of searching online, which would mean a spotless online presence can make the difference between having someone decide you are right for them or not.

So, to maximize the potential of a great business profile across different platforms, here are five tips that can help refresh it:

  1. Add Great New Content

Content is king in this digital world and caused why many businesses outsource content creation to companies such as caffeinemarketing so that their profile will have engaging and amusing content. Don’t just post bland updates about things that add no value to your business. When customers check your website or pages, they aren’t looking for the products but information about  products or reasons to buy them. So, keep things fresh, interesting, and engaging.

For example, social media users love seeing behind-the-scenes pictures and videos from brands, so give them what they want by sharing a few of these types of posts every month. Try to keep each post valuable and informative for readers instead of just being promotional material for your company. Also, you can use user-generated content such as feedback, questions, and reviews as they help build customer trust.

  1. Update Your Business Information

First things first: Make sure your business information is up to date. For example, if you run a restaurant, there’s no excuse for having an address that isn’t the most recent one. If you’ve moved from a small storefront to a massive location, the remake should be reflected in your information as well. Not only will this help potential customers learn more about your business, but it gives them more accurate directions, too.

Moreover, do a quick search for your business name and ensure that what shows up is current, accurate, and formatted correctly. You never know who might be searching for your business, and if they don’t see it the way you want them to see it, they might click over to a competitor’s page instead.

If a social profile or page doesn’t exist already, create one based on what people are likely to find. If a social media page exists but, it’s outdated or has negative reviews, delete the page and recreate it. You don’t have to start fresh; update the content and replace old photos with new ones.


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  1. Add Links To Your Blog

Consider adding a link to your blog on each platform with a profile. Not only can your blog be considered an extension of your business, but it also encourages people to read more about what you’re doing online and beyond. It gives potential followers the chance to learn more about you and connect with you differently.

Make sure the links you include in your profile are active. Nothing will make your potential followers more frustrated than clicking on a link that doesn’t go anywhere. If you have links that aren’t active, replace them with ones that do go somewhere or remove them entirely.

  1. Be Consistent In Your Branding

Make sure your logo, tagline, and other vital elements of your brand’s identity are consistent across all platforms. Your customers need to recognize you wherever they see you. And it’s just as crucial for you to maintain a consistent image of yourself as a business so that you don’t look like a different company in different places.

Maintaining consistent branding is one of the most important things you can do as a business owner. Whether you’re selling products or services, it pays to create an image that’s easy for people to recognize.

  1. Be Mobile OptimizedTop 5 Tips For Refreshing Your Business.

If your business has a website, make sure it works well on mobile devices. Your clients will expect to be able to use sites on their mobile phones these days, so if your site is hard to read and navigate on phones, it’s time for an update.

Moreover, more internet users access the internet through their mobile phones. So, when you make your website responsive to mobile and tablets, you increase your chances of being noticed. Consequently, you get more leads for your business.


Your business profile is the first thing potential customers will see, so make sure it’s polished and ready to go when they stop by. Like anything else in your marketing plan, you need to adapt and change things up constantly. So, you should always know how to redesign your business profile.