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Our Future is Now

Casa_Bonita_Verde_BiotektEco-friendly, cost-effective homes that match our earth-centered values and lifestyle.

We would like to introduce you to Bio-Architecture with BIOTEKT. The buildings of the future will incorporate nature and natural settings into the structure of the home itself.

Imagine… your BIOTEKT home is built preferably into the side of a hill and will provide you with a cost-effective living space in terms of insulation, heat and temperature moderation. Your home can be customized to be as luxurious or as simple as you like. All you need is a property with or without a hill, a passion for nature and the environment, and… your imagination.

There is more than one way to build a house!

Casa Bonita Verde is your partner in acquiring BIOTEKT technologies to build your nature-integrated home. These homes come in a variety of models which are environmentally and structurally sound, affordable, and customizable.

If you would like to explore the possibility of building a unique home or semi-rural business with a small environmental footprint, this technology may be an option.

An old idea made new for the 21st century


The idea of building homes which are part of nature is as old as the human race. Whether it was caves, tree-houses, grass huts or igloos, our ancestors created homes which made use of their natural surroundings and materials.

Now there is BIOTEKT, a product which is set to become a new standard in earth-sheltered construction. With this product, you can build a home, studio, or a small or large business office and enjoy all the comforts and features of a 21st century home while being surrounded by vegetation. BIOTEKT use leading-edge technology and modular construction to build earth-based, earth contact structures.  BIOTEKT homes are designed to be covered with earth and vegetation.

After several years of research, BIOTEKT USA, LLC.  has developed a product which will suit a unique, nature-loving home buyer.  BIOTEKT modular homes appeal to individuals and families who value the environment and want their home to have a small environmental footprint while having large benefits in comfort and energy conservation.

BIOTEKT houses models can also be adapted for commercial purposes such as for tourism facilities, health spas, medical clinics, gardening centres or Eco-friendly businesses.

Casa Bonita Verde & BIOTEKT technologies mission is to change the world by changing the way we think about building homes.


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